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Our Team

Founded in 2016 by two professionals with extensive knowledge of climate, energy, and innovation policy and analysis, Tempus Analítica draws on over 15 years of experience tackling the challenges faced by developed and developing countries that seek to transition to a sustainable economy. Learn about our leadership team:

Daniel Buira

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Daniel has extensive leadership experience in the development and delivery of national climate change mitigation strategies. In 2013 he established the Low Carbon Development Directorate General within the Mexico´s Climate Change Institute (INECC), where he led the development of the INDCs, after which he become Clean Energy Director for the Mexico Low Emissions Development Program. He has served as member of the UNFCCC´s Technology Executive Committee (TEC), and has represented both Mexico and other Latin American countries in international negotiations focusing primarily on Technology and Mitigation. He had previously led the Carbon Trust´s international Innovation work, and his early career spanned strategy consulting and financial analysis in Deloitte and Monitor Group in London, UK. Daniel is co-author of “Deep Decarbonization Pathways for Mexico”, and holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Oxford.

Jordi Tovilla

Co-Founder and Scientific Director

Jordi has in-depth experience in modelling energy systems, having been responsible for the core INDC analyses in the Oil and Gas sector for Mexico, as has also been a leading contributor in the development, in collaboration with SENER and CONUEE, of the Strategy for the Transition to the Use of Clean Fuels and Technologies (ETPUTCL) during 2016. The course of his analytical work has established him as a leader in strategic considerations for energy transition, and is recognized as such in government institutions such as SENER, CONUEE, SEMARNAT and INECC, as well as in the main research centres and academics involved in the environment. He has also worked with global institutions like Climate Works and GGGI, international cooperation agencies like USAID, AECID, GiZ, and is co-author of “Deep Decarbonization Pathways for Mexico”. He holds a

a PhD in Chemistry from Imperial College, London.

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