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Our Purpose

Tempus Analitica A.C. is a not-for-profit research organization (or "think tank") established by individuals with experience in climate, energy, environment and innovation analysis and policy, who are convinced the traditional approach to planning and decision-making is inadequate to tackle the sustainability challenges the world faces. Incremental change is no longer enough, in-depth transformation is required.

Our planet cannot provide for billions of people living the resource-intensive lifestyle enjoyed by many of us today, and aspired to by many more. Therefore, a profound transition is required: costs must reflect externalities, and the social and environmental benefits of different investment patterns must generate better returns. Market forces will then drive changes in technology and behavior so the affluent lifestyle of the future uses dramatically fewer resources than that of today, while being accessible to a far greater proportion of world population. These changes will affect most aspects of our daily lives and businesses in terms of how we use energy, how we coexist in our urban environments, how we make, use, and dispose of products, and how we manage our agriculture as well as our forests and other ecosystems.

Much progress has been made in recent years, such as the rapid drop of renewable electricity prices and the international ratification of the Paris Agreement in less than a year from its adoption. However, this rate of change is not nearly enough to prevent dangerous climate change. We must shift from a path of incremental improvements to one of deep-rooted transformation, and we must do so against the clock. This is the new challenge for policy makers, business leaders, civil society, and ordinary citizens: the Sustainable Revolution.

We created Tempus Analítica to develop and disseminate the new analytical tools and strategies which are needed to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy. We know this transition is not only feasible but realistic – and will be  beneficial to most people around the world. Our mission is to describe the credible, concrete steps that different stakeholders must take to make it real. Only with clarity will decision-makers and citizens have the confidence to act.

The world needs a sustainable revolution.

And that revolution needs a roadmap.

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